Proverting Mental Health: Life Challenges: Promoting Mental Health

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Running Head: Stigma Stigma Can be Eliminated. Ana F. A. Frois Student Nº 5527163 Promoting Mental Health – NUSC 3P14 People affected by mental health conditions experience several life challenges. They are frequently related with someone who rambles through streets or the mad who talks to himself or herself or even the crazy homicides who are seen in movies. Some words like crazy, insane, schizophrenic and even maniac are vulgarly utilized to nominate people that suffers from mental health issues because sometimes their behaviour is different than expected by society. Situations when people with mental issues are labelled or stereotyped are known as stigma and it generates a lack of acceptance and comprehension that makes these …show more content…

Not just depression as he said, but all mental health illnesses should be seen as any kind of physical illnesses. Such as cancer, or diabetes for example; a lot of mental illnesses have causes already defined, which means that it requires care and treatment. According to Corrigan et al, (2014) the treatment and care for patients who are affected by mental illnesses has as purpose to bring them back to their normal life when it is possible. It should improve the patient’s life quality or cure. The rehabilitation allows the patients to return to their communities and social life. Although treatment and care could rehabilitate patients with mental health issues, aspects such as stigma could put a stop on their rehabilitation process or even worse; it could bring them to a regress into their previous mental health …show more content…

A way to eliminate stigma is guarantee to people that suffer or are in rehabilitation process to do not lose their rights. Social rights such as the right to live in community, having a job, having access to care health and social protection, to participate in society are already guaranteed, but Indeed, in practice are not always respected or promoted. The psychosocial rehabilitation is a relatively perspective recently, based on the conviction that it is possible help the person overcome the limitations caused by their mental health disease, by learning new skills. It is also necessary to sensitize the community to accept and decrease the barriers that society puts on their integration at school, at work, in social groups and family. Health professionals must promote autonomy and exercise rights through empowerment of people who have advocacy and mental disorders to society. It takes create social support networks that provide support for skills acquired and

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