Pros and Cons of the Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution was a period during the 18th and 19th century in England where many changes had happened. Such changes consist of agriculture, mining, transport and technology which allowed both detrimental and beneficial impact on people lives. At those times the working surroundings for many people were harsh, also for the children. The children have to start working at a very young age, they work without any protection and they have been treated very poorly. Not only that the amount shillings they make, barely makes a difference for their family to survive. Urbanization has increased between the times of 1800’s and the 1850’s, as urbanization increase there is more numbers of population and many diseases. But the industrial revolution also had its pros, like for example the increase number of new technology. The Spinning Jenny which helps weaves and thread garnet together, making a large increase in clothing production. The vast components of the working conditions, urbanization and technology are both detrimental and beneficial that had impacted many people’s lives during the industrial revolution.
During the 18th century there has been a significant expansion in the coaling and such industries, as this continues more and more miners went to extract coal and others went to work often in very long hours and hazardous conditions. But many people at that time, starts working at an early age and the regulations towards what they have to do. The people of England average work day would equal around fourteen hours, six days a week, where they have to be in a dirty poorly lit environment. The children have to work near dangerous machines when they had no protection, not even shoes. The children and the parents who work in t...

... middle of paper ... that the spinning jenny could create clothes more rapidly and easier, by making numerous spools of yarn at a moment.
The industrial revolution was a major turning point in history, in some way most aspects of life was influenced because of this revolution. Which would involve the harsh working conditions, the vast and filthy process of urbanization, and the numerous technology innovations influence these aspects of life both in a detrimental and beneficial way. From the unfair regulations put forward to the workers, to the impurities of the atmosphere, and to the great Stephenson n “Rocket”, everything had a different perspective impact on people lives daily. The Industrial Revolution is had its cons but also had its pros such as the Reformation period where there were pros (such as the Gutenberg printing press) that relates to technology innovation in both eras
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