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In the year 1750, the industrial revolution, also an improvement in technology began in Great Britain and spread globally. The access to trade, wealth, education, resources and population caused the industrial revolution to begin in Great Britain. While the industrial revolution caused a longer life span and harsh punishments, it also caused fatal accidents, ending in death and greater number of deaths in younger children. The industrial revolution was composed of many positive effects. People had longer life expectancy and working conditions were tolerable. A longer life span at birth, improved over the years for cities in England. Life expectancy at birth increased from the 1850s to the 1890s in West Derby as shown in Document 4. Having a longer life expectancy increases chance to work longer. This was good for overseers and workers who had families to support. “I think that the factory is the best place for me and if …show more content…

“In vain, the child declared he was not in his power to move quicker. He was beaten by the over looker, with great severity”, as described in Document 3. If the task was not done as stated in Document 3, beatings or other harsh punishments were done to the workers. In Document 4, young women were fastened to gaols, nude, in the cold for days. Although most punishments happened to young boys and men, women could be punished also. The larger group of male and female workers ranged from ages 11-21. The percent of younger child deaths also began to increase over time. From table 3, deaths of children aged 0-5 increased from the 1700s to the 1800s. Younger children are prone to early death due to the labor. For example, some children had to work in cramped mines. As table 2 states, there were more male workers aged 11-16, than female workers. Although males and females can do equal amounts of labor, males are more prepared to handle difficult tasks. This can also lead to deaths because females are less

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the industrial revolution began in great britain in 1750 and spread globally. it caused a longer life span, harsh punishments, and fatal accidents.
  • Explains that the industrial revolution was composed of many positive effects. people had longer life expectancy and working conditions were tolerable.
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