Pros And Disadvantages Of An Online Ordering System

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1 Introduction Nowadays, in this era, mostly everything can be done by online. Online ordering system can be refer as an e-commerce function where an organization allows user or customer to order and make purchase product or services via the official website. Since the internet is booming, having an online ordering system can boost sales to some extent as it eases user or customer to place an order for the company’s or an organization’s services. So that, people can place an orders from their home as they have a computer or laptop, or using smartphone with internet connection. 1.1 Background to the Project For this project, developers have chosen the client from Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan which is the name of the business organization…show more content…
Online ordering system is an e-commerce function where a company allows customers to order products or services via their website. Online ordering systems give many benefits to a companies or an entrepreneur especially because it has many advantages on it. Firstly, online ordering system provides a way for customer to view and create an order at any point of the day. This will lead and help the businesses to increase their sales in many times. Below, there is some researcher who has done a research about online ordering system from a past year. According to Chris Cornell, in his study about ‘The advantages of Online Ordering System in 2009, stated about the benefits that would we get form doing online ordering especially for a companies. He concludes that online ordering system is an advantage for the companies because they don’t have to set up their own servers and then keep maintaining them. In addition, Chris stated that, a company just have to make certain changes where is needed to their online…show more content…
Improves customer convenience Online ordering system become one of the latest trends in businesses make customers feel enjoy their favourite boutique’s official website at their convenience, without going anywhere. This is quite beneficial for those who don’t have enough time to go to the boutique store to buy the items. With the website, in addition have online payment, customer would feel easier to place an order at Busana Hayah website. ii. Works 24 hours / 7 days Busana Hayah not opens their boutique for 24 hours and 7 days a week. However, through online ordering system, customer can place order at Busana Hayah’s website anytime and everywhere they are. The next day, admin will open the online ordering system and check list orders every day. Then, customer’s order will be processing to the next level. iii. Enhanced productivity Online ordering system could be used to avoid phone calls ordering from customer, where the ordering process entirely automated by the system. It is generally save a lot of time to the workers of the boutique and increase the productivity of the boutique by avoiding unnecessary phone calls. Other than that, online ordering system provides the exact details of the

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