Pros And Cons Of Transgenic Technology

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1. The transgenic technology can be used in many areas. With an in-depth study of transgenic technology, we can use it in many areas. For example, we can use it to make medicine, develop agriculture and clone. Transgenic technology is one of the important areas of life science. It has changed our life gradually. It let us to develop new varieties of products through the extraction and recombination of genes, some of them can provide us more balanced nutrition. Through the cultivation of genetically modified drugs, it is full of medicinal protein, it benefits the patient’s condition a lot, and improve the efficiency of the medicine on the human body. 2. The economic returns to adopt transgenic crops are positive, but highly variable.…show more content…
These all caused by transgenic technology. In the past, it was difficult for us to get organisms of complex structures, such as proteins. But through transgenic technology, we can achieve this goal.Also with the deeper life science laws being revealed and a better biotechnology is coming out, people will have a whole new era of transgenic medicine. 4. Genetically modified organisms have also been developed for commercial use. And help us to learn more about genes. Genetically modified organisms have also been developed for commercial use. Perhaps the most famous example is the food crops, such as soybeans and corn, genetically modified crops and genetically modified crops. Scientists have studied “knock-out” mice,which are transgenic mice that have a particular gene of interest disabled. By studying the effects of missing genes, scientists can better understand the normal function of the gene and how can we improve the uses of transgenic technology. The more we know about genes, scientists can create more useful things for human beings through transgenic technology. 5. Transgenic technology has a very positive affect on…show more content…
Transgenic technology is majorly used for growing petter plants that can inhabit cruel and unnatural habitats. But the thing is that if there Genes are rewritten, there is a big possibility of genetic mutation and might end up creating plants can carry disease that are incurable for man kind and might end up eliminating a variety of

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