Pros And Cons Of Substance Abuse

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In life, pregnancy can very well be a surprise which leaves the woman carrying the embryo to do things she shouldn’t be doing. But there is also times when a mother knows but sill chooses to do harmful things. The use of drugs and alcohol are some very popular abuses that affect the embryo. I, myself, found out I was pregnant at a very young age and it was a complete surprise. When I found out I was only 17 and a senior in high school. I was at my “partying” stage of life trying to live it to the fullest before I had the adult responsibilities. The second I found out I was expecting I knew that I could not use any substances or do certain things that could affect my baby. I unfortunately had used alcohol a few times before I knew I was even…show more content…
Which is why they do the things that can hurt them or even kill them. Especially when it comes to the drug and alcohol abuses, the parents that use them are blinded to what it does to themselves that they don’t see much wrong with using it while pregnant. The following quote supports the fact that there is harm from it: Substance abuse has been a worldwide problem at all levels of society since ancient times. Attention has been directed toward the use of legal and illegal substances by pregnant women over the past several decades. Almost all drugs are known to cross the placenta and have some effect on the fetus. (Marylou Behnke, Vincent C. Smith). Once the alcohol and/or drugs reaches the placenta it has a very high risk of affecting the embryo. One article I had looked at during research, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, showed in a diagram that alcohol and drug use can affect the embryo as young as 3 weeks starts it’s developments. The first thing in a an embryo to start develop is the central nervous system which can be very severe if affected. Shortly after that, not even a week later, begins the development of the baby’s body

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