Pros And Cons Of Ratifying The Constitution

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The idea of a strong central government will end only in tyranny, with a king as its ruler. We have learned a small, state governing, government, is much more flexible and fitting for a country still grasping for its footing. If America is going to become as great as the founding fathers of our countries wished, we cannot ratify the constitution (text, pg. 159). Firstly, the constitution would create a government with an immense amount of power and we would be putting ourselves into the same position Britain just had us in. A large central, binding government, that we are ordered to follow. So why would we make the same mistake of being controlled by a large central government again? Amos Singletary, a delegate to the Massachusetts Constitution…show more content…
Unfairly tricking the uneducated into thinking that ratifying the constitution is a great idea. If we are to ratify the constitution, we are giving away…show more content…
Inspired by an article I have recently read called “Observations of the New Federal Constitution and on the Federal and State Conventions” by Mary Otis, warns the literate of the annihilation of independence and also speaks of the absence of the rule calling for a restraint on how long someone can hold office. I concur with the general public that this is indeed a problem that must be resolved. Someone should not be able to run as much as they want because this could create flaws in the government system. The fact that they also tried to blend this in without coming straight forward with it is also alarming. This gives us even more reason to believe a central government could create too much power and result in that of a monarchy (doc 2). Patrick Henry, a delegate from Virginia, also agrees that the rights of citizens are in danger. Including liberty of press, trial by jury, and the rights of conscience. This transition contradicts the basic rights that a sovereign state should possess. Are we going to declare that we are a monarchy soon? Because the radical change that has been proposed, would be just as equally radical. From my findings of both Patrick Henry and Mary Otis, ratifying the constitution would give the central government too much power because it would allow them to take away our right that would
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