Pros And Cons Of Gun Control In The Political Debate

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Gun Control
If you look at the hot topics in political debate these days, you will find that Gun Control is among the most popular. The reason it is such a hot topic is because people are either all for it or not for it at all. Also because people will fight for every inch of there being for what they believe in when it comes to this topic. In this it will talk of the debate itself, the pros, the cons, and the rights that we have to keep the guns. Plus it is in the constitution that we can bear and buy arms.
First of all the debate on gun control and why it is such a big deal. With the number of mass shootings that have been going on people are becoming more fearful that they may become the ones who are next. This is the reason why so many
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This is mainly supported by the republican organizations and the RNA especially. These groups want to continue our gun freedoms because they feel that American citizens should have the right to buy and bear arms. As stated in the second amendment. They do not believe that guns aren’t the problem and that the people with them are. Such as criminals and other people who are mentally ill. (Pro or Anti-Gun Control Only You Can Decide).
On the pro-gun control side of the debate there are some valid points. Such as accidents, suicides and number of guns in the U.S., But their their biggest aim for gun control is to lower gun violence. They feel that by restricting gun ownership that gun violence will decrease. Recent examples of gun violence would be school shootings, drive-by shootings or mass public shootings. Their theory is that the less guns that are around, the less gun violence. Unfortunately at this time we cannot prove this
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“There are enough guns in America for every household to have at least two” (Why Own a Gun? Protection Is Now Top Reason). It states that America just simply has too many guns and that we don’t need any more and that more guns will just lead to more killings. Having too many guns is like saying there are too many cats. There are some people out there who have a crazy number of cats. But the thing is, unless you’re really paranoid with it, people could care less how many you had. In the article it says “Even Latin American countries overrun by drug cartels, with murder rates comparable to war zones—such as Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala—have fewer guns per capita.” Even literal war zones, like Somalia and D.R. Congo, have less heavy weaponry”. If all those countries have less guns and more corruption that proves that the problem is not the guns, but the people. All in all saying that we have too many is kind of a weak reason to fight for gun control. (Morris)
Most mass homicides do involve either the use of assault rifles or magazines that carry large amounts of ammo. For instance when the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting took place the killer was using an assault rifle. If we did have gun control it would probably ban the use of any assault rifle and might keep mass killing from happening. There is no guarantee to this theory for it seems no matter how hard you try to ban something the criminals always find
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