Pros And Cons Of Feminism

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Side 1: Feminism Is Still Needed Proponents of feminism and its continuing relevance argue on the basis of two main points: the persistence of social and political inequality. In the past decades and even century, the women’s movement towards equality made tremendous progress. In the year 2014 women have attained the right to vote, to a higher education, to divorce abusive spouses, to own land, and to keep bank accounts among many other things. But, feminists argue that this progress is commonly mistaken for the false belief that true equality exists between the sexes. Feminist, in fact, argue that injustices still exist and may need our attention more than ever in many areas including the regular exclusion of women from voting in Saudi Arabia, lack of education for women in Middle Eastern countries, and the international gap between the amount of work women do and the amount of the world’s income that women receive. But the main focus of this report, however, will be mainly on the political injustices in in laws and the workplace, and the social inequalities in the home and in the ...

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