Pros And Cons Of Extraterrestrial Life

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UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life: The Possibilities of Their Existence Throughout time, many stories and theories have been established by mankind to explain and understand the mysteries of the world. Among them, the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial life is one of the causes of these mysteries is a controversy still under debate. Many religions and traditions around the world have acknowledged other-worldly forces and “divine” beings arriving from the sky. In recent times, numerous sighting of unidentified objects, also known as UFOs, and aliens have been recorded and even documented possibly on planets other than Earth. Along with these strange observations are also scientifically unanswered abnormalities that have shifted the public
Scientific proof and standardized theories have become the new basis for “truth” and still, the existence of aliens and UFOs is a disputed topic. However, one proven fact is that with more information gathered from outer space, the likelihood of life beyond out own planet increases (Liu 310). Many scientists now believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, though some doubt they may be intelligent (Rassuman 47-48). Most believe in the principle of Mediocrity, which states that “the laws of nature relating to the formation of stars, planets and life are the same everywhere”. In other words, if life inhabits earth, there must be life on inhabitable planets in other galaxies
Therefore, there may be a staggering quantity of data and information about the existence of aliens that we still do not have access to. Also, as Avery quotes Hoagland: “If all the plant and animal fossils ever found were stacked within on room, they would probably not fill an auditorium (the human remains would not cover a billiard table)” (qtd. in 43-44). We, as a species, have not yet found enough evidence to support our existence on Earth over the course of time. So how could we conclude that extraterrestrials do not exist due to the inadequacy of evidence in this minuscule part of the vast universe we call

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