Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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Should we have the right to say enough is enough when it comes to our body? Should euthanasia be view as ethical or unethical? So, what is euthanasia? Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to end pain for the patient in pain and suffering. The words euthanasia comes from the Greek root word “eu” and “Thanatos” this forms a phrase which means “good death”. The action of euthanasia is also known as “Physician Assisted Suicide” or “Mercy Killing” refers to the direct and intentional efforts of a medical professional to aid a terminally ill patient die. According to The Northern Territory of Australia in 1995, euthanasia was first legalized by Rights of the Terminally Ill Act. For us to truly understand the action of…show more content…
Some of the cons to euthanasia are emotional distress depression, may be deemed as suicide, and poses the question are you god? Emotional distress/depression is a big deal when choosing to euthanize. Family suffer (differently) as they either allow injections or let them take a pill. Another con will be is this suicide? As we know in certain religions suicide is seen as a sin. Suicide is a sin that is said to lead a person to hell, which brings us to our next question who can play god? Having control/ power to end one’s life is supposed to be a role for god ultimately. These are just a few cons to mercy killing/…show more content…
He suffers from cancer of the liver which caused great amount of water in the abdominal cavity. One week he had to go and get his abdomen tapped to relieve the pressure. The man also suffered from inflammation of the heart muscle and was being kept alive by medical skills and expert nursing. He believe that the process and what it stands for is all wrong because of his religious background. However, the man is very terminal ill and his ready to die but he doesn’t believe in suicide. So, he would only pray for a faster death. He thinks that euthanizing is a form of suicide and murder and it goes again all religious views. The author referred him to be a good man and that he had saved thousands of dollars for his wife and handicapped child. Finances then became a burden because he started worry how he was going to pay his hospital bills and his wife to pay the rent. There was no money left to bury him. Finances and religion has been two of the main reasons why people are mainly against euthanasia and what it stands

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