Pros And Cons Of Divine Command Theory

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A ship is sinking so everyone pills get on a lifeboat that is only supposed to hold seven. Thirty people all on one lifeboat so it is too heavy to row without sinking and a life-threatening storm is on its way sending people into a panic. There is only one way to possibly save at least a few people, which is to kick people off the lifeboat into the water. Ethically this would save lives as long as natural instincts are ignored and everyone one board knows that the bible asks that people give up their own lives for others. In this situation, Divine Command Theory would have many advantages over the Theory of Natural Law because people will be more willing to get out of the lifeboat if it will save someone else. The Divine Command theory if taken into the effect of this situation most people would be more willing to sacrifice their lives …show more content…

Meanwhile, it does have a flaw to where Theory of Natural Law comes in, the Divine Command Theory ask us to sacrifice ourselves but many people will know the bible and be able to refute it with the verse “But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Matthew 9:13). This makes it to where they do not need to sacrifice their lives for others which will cause everyone to more than likely die. Theory of Natural Law on the other hand though puts a human's natural instinct into play and most women’s natural instinct is to take care of others even if it means giving up their lives and for men they naturally feel like it is their job to protect women and children so they will be more willing to go overboard (Mariashriver). The problem with this theory though is not everyone’s instincts are to go overboard. Most people’s instincts are to save themselves rather than the lives of

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