Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones In Schools Essay

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In today’s society “Around 80% of the world’s population has a mobile phone” (Spinfold). According to Spinfold facts, that’s way over half the population which means people from all different age groups have cell phones. The majority being adults and teens of course. With that many teens with cellphones and electronic devices; I’m sure that schools find it impossible to set a strict cell phone ban, which is why there shouldn’t be any due to technology continuing to grow. Some schools have strict cell phone/technology policies, many schools ignore the rules and go along with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” method (Johnson). This would work if everyone turned their phone off or down when not using it because it would be less of a distraction. Then schools wouldn’t even have to about phones. However I think if technology wasn’t so common, then more bans would have been effective. Allowing cell phones in school will allow students to make emergency phone calls, contact their parents directly and even incorporate them with their school work which can be maintained in an effective way if schools lift their cell phone bans. When it comes to allowing cell phones in schools, many schools don’t agree with it. The reasoning for…show more content…
A majority of the people that are against having technology in schools are generally teachers. Some think that it’s a complete distraction. Many think that they have no use in school because they’re easy to become distracted by. On the school law website it states “Bullying or harassing other students, or simply distracting students and teachers, with text messages or calls (Students and Cell Phones). This quote lists some examples of what some students use their phones for. Here are some other examples as well, “Cheating by sending, getting, or taking pictures of test questions or answers (Students and Cell Phones). While they are very valid reasons on why technology shouldn’t

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