Pros And Cons Of Abortion Essay

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People have abortions for many different reasons. People go through many stages in their life that will cause them not to want kids. For example, some people may have been molested by family members, or even strangers. While some parents are not financially able to raise a child. There are options such as giving the child up for adoption or even letting a family member carry the child. Some women may actually want to carry their child but could have a medical issue that can lead them to having a miscarriage which can lead to an abortion. It is actually the parent’s decision weather they want to abort their child or not. There is about 15,000 abortions per year worldwide, and approximately one hundred fifteen thousand per day. (Abortion should be Banned) For a mother to think of having an abortion may seem very hard. You might think you are doing the right thing at that moment of time but in the future you might regret making the wrong decisions. Later on down the …show more content…

An abortion is a surgical removal of a fetus. In some cases, women may not want to go through the surgical part and just want the pill or remove the child. I am not for aborting a child and I say this because a fetus is an unharmed child even if the child was brought into this world as an accident or even on purpose. Just imagine if someone was killing you right now! While you are alive as the beating of your heart beat per second and all of a sudden there is a crucible pain. To me it should not be legal, if it very miserable and disgusting. Abortions should only be preformed if there is a serious problem. Not just because you do not want a child because there are other options like adoptions. Carrying around a child for nine months and not being able to have the baby in your presence may seem like a waste of time. I feel that once you find the right foster parents, then everything will fall into place and you will fall back into you comfort

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