Proposal to Extend Cafeteria Hours at State University

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At State University, the school has a set of certain hours that one is able to go to the cafeteria. However, those hours only comply with the workers and the students no matter what. To many of the students, and others as well, those hours are not compliable to their schedule. Students are left with hunger, having no choice than to be late to class to go buy a snack or go off campus to buy fast food, when not necessary. Not all the students have the same class schedule which should be able to allow different cafeteria hours to comply to everyone's needs, not only certain people. On campus, this problem does result in leaving students hungry. They are seen scarfing down their food after arriving 10 minutes late to class, because the cafeteria was going to close for the rest of the day. Student's stomachs are heard growling, which disturbs the class when in full concentration. Hungry students then do not pay attention in class and causes a domino affect in others stomachs growling, leaving and going between classes, and other disturbances. To solve this problem, we need the cafeteria to be open more hours. If it is because of the need of workers in those other times, it is a big change that even students won't mind to work in the cafeteria to have it open for longer hours. Another idea would be to have longer hours open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if it is not open for the whole day, longer hours might allow more comfort ability for everyone. We know that with out food, one cannot concentrate in their studies, nor perform their work well. These solutions are not costly, because it does not require professionals to work as a cashier.

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