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The right to the student should be guaranteed to open campus lunch. We are living in a failed experiment, that is the government controlling the school lunch. It is time to step out of the failed experiment and do another experiment, only this time successful. Student should be allowed to have open campus lunch.
First, there is a lot of benefits for open campus lunch. Open campus lunch gives all of the students an opportunity to learn responsibility. It is also a great way to teach them how to interact with the real world. It can make all student better adults in the future. They will learn from open campus lunch to not make big mistake.Once they get used to having open campus lunch, when they graduate they will know what to expect, because
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Opponent argue that some student can take advantage of open school lunch and break rules. The action of the few cannot invoke the right of the many. In this society we value fairness as a virtue. Do we as good citizen of this great country, allow fairness to fade? I want you to weigh open campus on one hand vs closed campus on another. On one hand, Alex get to refresh his mind when he went to a nearby restaurant and the other Henry tired from school have to go to the cafeteria. On one hand Alex get to choose what he thinks is best for him. On the other Henry have to eat processed food from a factory, we don’t know about. Alex fully satisfied paid his meal to help his local business. Henry returned to class after done eating, mersible, hungry, and tired. Alex give full attention to the teacher, while Henry suffered from a food bug and have to miss school. Alex action is illegal, while Henry action is legal. How so? Like it or not, open campus is proven to improve our student performance. Like it or not, all the student here will agree to pursuit open campus lunch. The opponent to open campus said that caution for student diet is more important than student freedom. The opponent

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