Proper Gun Control

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Gun control, when you tightly grasp the grip of the gun with two hands, properly place hands on the gun, stand with feet planted shoulder-width apart, and extend your arms to absorb the recoil of the gun. By doing so, you are operating the gun responsibly and safely. Proper gun control will establish a safer and more accurate shot each time. By exercising control of their weapon, the gunmen can safely operate their equipment in a responsible way without harming themselves or others. Many people mistake proper gun control as removing all weapons from the hands of law-abiding citizens and forbidding ownership. Not only does this violate the 2nd amendment, but it also puts many lives in danger. One example that portrays this violation is when …show more content…

After studying of the effects of the concealed handgun law, researchers concluded that after the first five years of the law, both robberies and rape declined by 1/10th, and murders decreased by just under 1/5th (Lott, “Carrying Concealed Weapons…”). Based on these statistics, the crime rate is greatly affected as more guns are added to the equation. As more civilians purchase guns, the amount of crimes have decreased immensely. By allowing guns to be sold to the general public, our country has become a safer place; guns in our society have not established a more dangerous world. Undeniably, by allowing more guns into circulation, the criminals are more likely to be turned off from committing crimes. For one well known example, New York City’s crime rate has dropped tremendously in the past few years. According to research, robbery decreased by more than half, aggravated assault by just under 40%, and rape has dwindled to a fraction of what it was before (Rosen). These numbers are mind blowing; they show that as more guns are distributed among the hands of the public, the streets of the city have become significantly safer. Thus, criminals have started to realize that their prey is no longer unarmed and is ready to protect themselves. By having such an abundance of armed people across the city, criminals have inversely been deterred from committing crimes. Although there has been roughly 700,000 crimes that involve guns (Connell), there has also been 2.5 million annual defensive gun cases that have been tossed aside (Lott, “Carrying Concealed Weapons…”). Each of these cases that have been ignored all involve guns which have been used to prevent

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