Gun Control and Crime Rates

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Does gun control reduce crime rates? Actually, gun control does not significantly reduce crime. In fact, strict gun control regulations do not stop criminals from getting guns because only law-abiding citizens comply with the law. In contrast, criminals do not obey gun control laws just as they do not obey many other laws. Gun advocates argue that less available guns results in less crime, however research has shown the opposite. Gun control is an ineffective way of reducing crime because gun control does not target the underlying causes of crime.
Criminals are individuals that by definition do not respect the law. Therefore, more laws and regulations will not change criminals’ conduct. In the academic journal Does Gun Control Reduce Crime Or Does Crime Increase Gun Control? Professor of economics John C. Moorhouse and Brent Wanner state, “gun control simply does not influence the behavior of criminals… there would be no surprise if it were found that criminals regularly violate the law by purchasing guns on the illegal black market tor by stealing them (Moorehouse, 122). Moorehouse and Wanner mean that even if gun control laws prevent criminals from getting guns legally they will continue to commit crime and will find alternate ways to purchase guns. In fact, according to the Southern States Police Benevolent Association ninety three percent of police officers believe that banning firearms would not prevent criminals from getting guns and ninety percent agree that banning firearms would not result in crime reduction (Duke). In addition, ninety percent of law enforcement officials believe that gun control will make agencies less efficient and will diminish their personnel’s ability to combat crime (Duke). In essence, implementin...

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...hrough illegal sources. Not only will individual citizens not be able to defend themselves as a result of gun control but unarmed citizens will not be as protected by the “third-party” effect gun owners create. Undoubtedly, gun control does not result in crime reduction because guns are not the problem it is the behavior of criminals that leads to crime.

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