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M2 - Explain the chosen activities you have selected for your programme, for a selected sport
Bleep test – The bleep test is a V02 max assessment. By an athlete doing a bleep test it aids coaches to estimate a sports person’s maximum oxygen intake. It consist of a 20m shuttle run that has to be completed at a gradual pace according to the pauses between ‘beep’ noises played on a CD player.
Sit and reach test - This examination shows how flexible a sports person can be. To do this test correctly, you have to be sitting down with your knees stable to the ground, straight legs and your feet on a measuring box. The individual that is doing the test then has to stretch towards the wall, pushing a measurement marker like a ruler along the measurement lines of the box. By the sports person doing this, it will display the level of flexibility that they are capable of doing.
Vertical jump - The vertical jump test is done to measure an athlete’s power. The athlete needs to be measuring against a wall their highest point of reach, and then jump on the spot as high as they can to try and mark their highest point. The outcome is measured by calculating the distance between the first mark made, to the mark made during the athletes jump.
Illinois test - This is an agility test aimed to measure the levels of an athlete’s agility by setting out an awkwardly organised passage which makes the athlete change direction at speed whilst maintaining control and balance. The ambition is to do the test rapidly without knocking any of the cones down.
30m Sprint - The 30m sprint test consists of running at full speed for 30 meters, with the time being recorded. The athlete should do a warm up, with some practice starts. Start from a motionless position, with...

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...ssession, resulting in them putting their team-mates under pressure. This test is an efficient way to determine a players composure as well as their first touch, control and ability to play whilist being under pressure.
Shooting test - This is in the programme because if an offensive player does not have good accuracy in their finishing, they won’t constantly score goals. This will result in them losing possession whilst on the attack, then the team will not be ready for an opposition counter-attack.
Heading challenge -
Set piece challenge -
First touch test - This has been included in the programme because a football players first touch must be outstanding so that they gain full control of the ball. This then gives the player a relaxed, neutral position, with the ball under control, for them to proceed with a pass or a shot depending on their position on the pitch.
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