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Nike started its empire as a company to distribute Japanese running shoes, Tiger, in the United States with the name Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. Nike founders, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, had a great coach-student relationship when both were still at University of Oregon; Bowerman was Knight’s coach seeking a better running shoes and Knight loves athletics so much that he could not live without it. This relationship led Blue Ribbon Sports. After the success of Tiger shoes, Blue Ribbon Sports was renamed into Nike in 1971. Nike is actually the name of the winged Greek goddess of victory and the SWOOSH logo represents her wing. Carolyn Davidson, who was Knight’s student at Portland State University, designed and trademarked the logo in 1971. They introduced the slogan “Just Do It” slogan in 1988 and immediately boost Nike into a sports supplier powerhouse. It surges the market share from 18% to 43% in 1988. The slogan basically informs the consumers to push beyond limits and strive to achieve new goals. Nike, Inc. aims to deliver value to their shareholders by establishing profitable products. They focus on Nike Brand and Brand Jordan that consist of seven major categories: running, basketball, football (soccer), men’s training, women’s training, NIKE Sportswear, and Action Sports. Despite the seven major categories, they also produce products for kids, athletic, and recreational uses. Among all of that, NIKE Sportswear, Running, Basketball, Football (Soccer), and kid’s shoes are the top-selling products. Nike wants to target active people of all ages by giving the best quality of products and services. Their strategy it to create personal deep connections between the consumers and their brand, and to deliver compelling consumer ... ... middle of paper ... ...enrollment fees. The idea of having this expansion is to enhance people’s lives through sport and fitness. Furthermore, obesity is not a new word in the United States. This disease is strongly related to bad lifestyle. This opportunity will result in mutual benefits as the consumers can have a better life and improve the Nike’s brand images and profits. Prior launching this fitness center, several market research should be conducted, namely depth interviews and conjoint analysis. Performing a depth interview is a viable way to get information as the interviewee does not get spoiled if they were heard information regarding the same question from other people. In addition, conjoint analysis helps to decide the best marketing matrix that would optimize the gross margin. This combination would be perfect to have adequate information to forecast how the business would go.
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