Procrastination: Main Causes

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Procrastination has no direct correlation with an individual’s personality type, as society tends to directly associate procrastination with laziness or poor time management (The Primary Causes of Procrastination, 2009). Scientists have discovered procrastination to be a “significant condition with complex causes and serious implications,” as there are direct links between procrastination and psychological disorders (The Primary Causes of Procrastination, 2009). Procrastination causes high levels of stress, low self-esteem and overall poor health. Procrastination in the heretical sense can pre-describe as a tendency, to both avoid performing certain tasks as well as making decisions, without any foreseeable reason or likely benefit Primary Causes of Procrastination, 2009). Individuals who procrastinate tend to sleep excessively, and watch more television, and prohibit behaviors, which causes them from performing desired tasks (The Primary Causes of Procrastination, 2009). After completing the “Am I procrastinator test”, I scored 47 out of a possible 52. The test indicates that individuals who score 35 or higher are, “prone to postpone doing things and experience frustrations over actions not taken” (Robbins, 28). This test indicates that one would be prone to procrastinate, which in my case is very true, as I tend to do assignments and perform required tasks last minute. Procrastination can be viewed in both negative and positive aspects as in the case of decision-making; procrastinating on making a decision will allow the individual to make an informed decision by understanding all the variables (Robbins, 28). Negative implications of procrastination can lead to lost opportunities and regret (Knaus, 2013). Procrastination c... ... middle of paper ... ...hree-week experiment, I spent on average 5 hours of procrastinating per day and completing only one hour of work per day. At the end of the experiment though I do find my self still procrastinating it is very minimal, and on average I’m completing 5 hours of homework per day, which is a 400% increase in productivity in 3 weeks. Procrastination has affected me in numerous aspects throughout my life, and ultimately my academic career. It has become an ingrained to my personality as it affects my day-to-day activities. Through this assignment, I have learned a lot about myself, developed a better understanding of procrastination, and how procrastination has hindered my success in numerous aspects. Implementation of these four new strategies will help me overcome my tendencies to procrastinate, which I hope will ultimately lead to a stress-free lifestyle.
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