The Major Reasons Why I Procrastinate

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One of the major reasons why I procrastinate, is that I never have the motivation to get up and start doing work. This may be because of lack of sleep or not eating healthy food but in general it is because I just don’t have enough energy. Thinking about all the work I have to do, makes me think that I am not ready yet to put myself through several hours of torture. Having a bad day will also lower down my motivation level and cause me to procrastinate so that I can just relax. Doing work, especially if it’s a course I don’t enjoy can make me feel stressed. I tend to put myself down whenever I think about the amount of work I have to do that seems unmanageable. Not having someone to motivate me such as my parents or girlfriend also plays an…show more content…
Not rewarding myself after spending numerous hours on a hard assignment made me feel unpleased after finishing all my work. Rewards may not necessarily be expensive gifts or trip to Europe, but it’s always important to satisfy yourself as an incentive to get something done with. After completing all my work, I usually never had time to reward myself by going the Cinema or going out for dinner with friends. By the time I finished all my work, it would be too late to do anything. I would sometimes feel guilty if I rewarded myself as I believed that even if I was done with my assignments, that I should still sit down and study for any future tests. Looking at other engineers around me who were working all day, made me doubtful about rewarding myself. Another reason why I sometimes couldn’t reward myself, is that I sometimes wanted to save money that I could use to spend on something more valuable. Consequently, I ended up asking myself why am I working and that there was no point in working hard. Not only was I not rewarding myself by having fun, but I felt like I was not getting rewarded academically. After spending a whole night on an assignment, I would get back a poor mark on it. This made me feel miserable. I felt like there was no need to work hard and that I could just do whatever I want and then work whenever I feel like it. Do I really want to spend hours on schoolwork and get nothing worth the effort I…show more content…
I would tell myself that I will finish my work after I go out with my friends. I would come back home feeling really tired and tell myself that I will finish it next morning. Underestimating the amount of time that was required to complete an assignment was a thing I regretted after I looked at my clock and saw that it’s 2 AM. For some courses, I did not take notes in class as I believed that reading the information in the textbook was enough. I recently realized that if I would’ve taken notes in class, I would’ve been more engaged and interested in the material I’m learning, as I would process it in my mind as I’m writing. In the future, before taking any decisions that affect my academic success, I will re-evaluate my priorities and confront myself about my choices. Setting targets, such as having a dream board, will inspire me to push through any barriers that I might encounter. Setting a certain amount of time to spend on an assignment and finishing it ahead of time will give me a chance to reward myself to feel appreciated. I will stop negative thoughts from taking over my mind by thinking of another helpful thought to develop a positive and confident mind that is looking for accomplishments. I will remind myself that procrastination will only result in me having a frown on my face when I get my results at the end of the semester. I will break the tasks into small chunks that will make the workload seem
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