Procrastination Experience

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On Friday, my brother took four hours to do two pages of math because he procrastinated. I wanted to learn about procrastination because my brother procrastinates a lot, and it is a big problem. He drags small assignments out for hours, and says that he will do them the next day. I already knew a little bit about procrastination, but I wanted to know more. I knew that procrastination can sometimes be hard because if you need to work on a paper, you may need to stay up really late, or skip events that are important to you. I thought that procrastination may not be all bad though, it may help your brain think faster if you know you need to get something done by a deadline. However, when someone procrastinates, they might rush through a task, making mistakes or messing things up. I wanted to know about what procrastination does to mental health. I wondered if procrastination is harmful or helpful to living a balanced life, and if it is a problem that people need help solving. I also wanted to know how to stop procrastinating because I wanted to help my brother stop doing his homework either last minute, or dragging it out. Finally, I hoped to learn if procrastination has any physical effects like tiredness or odd emotions. My search lasted a week. The first thing I wanted to do was find out if procrastination was bad and what the effects were. I used key words like procrastination and effects. The first sources I found were from and from Smithsonian Magazine. These articles gave details on if procrastination was good or bad, and what its effects are. I also learned about the origin of procrastination. The next day I found more sources describing the effects of procrastination.These articles were publis... ... middle of paper ... ...iently as possible. I now have the tools and evidence to help my friends and family. My learning is also important because I know now how negatively procrastination would affect me. I did find all the information I wanted. I learned about procrastination’s effects and how to overcome the urge to procrastinate, which is what I wanted to learn from the beginning of my search. I am going to use this information by giving my brother two lists. One that states the costs of procrastination, and one that states what he should be doing. He will hopefully use this to help himself succeed and do his work without the urge to procrastinate. I will also use some of the methods of the overcoming methods to help myself do my own work more efficiently. Finally, I will pass this information onto my parents so that they can further help my brother with his procrastination.

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