Preventing Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a phenomenon in today’s society. Many people have been victims and although it has been taken into consideration, more surveillance should be taking place. There are three types of abuse that ruin the life of a child: physical, emotional, and sexual. However, focusing on domestic violence, a child will be affected by physical and emotional abuse. The problem is that some parents may not even consider how it affects their child in public places. When a child has been abused, how long does it affect him or her into adulthood? Though there are different ways to discipline, a parent can choose from a variety of rewards to reinforce good behavior; furthermore, a trusted committee should organize ongoing parenting classes to help parents to control their temper. What are the other consequences of abuse? Parents who abuse their kids were abused and had a poor upbringing. Nowadays with technology and researches found, they could help change and also teach their kids to avoid the same mistakes when they grow up. As the child grows, parents can set limits instead of violence. Fact is that when kids behave out of the normal, it is not to make parents angry but because they are in need of attention. We all know that parents’ the first reaction is to lose it, so instead of punching, parents can try time outs until the child comprehends why he or she is being punished. It is also a matter of good training in junior high. Kids are always trying to act bigger than their shoe size. A method that could help both the parents and the teen is the motivated reward. By doing this, the child makes better decision, because if the parent knows what motivates a child, that could help the child behave differently in order to get what he or sh... ... middle of paper ... ...uld have done about it. Children who have a second shot at a loving upbringing have the capacity to change the world where they will know how to say “no” to abuse. They will also be able to talk to their own children about abusive moments and what they should do reacting to that moment. They will know that abusers could be anyone and that is important to tell a trusted friend if someone abuses them. Works Cited Barnard-Thompson, Kathleen, and Pierre Leichner. “Psychiatric Residents’ Views on their Training and Experience Regarding Issues Related to Child Abuse. “ Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 44 (Oct 1999): 6-9 Kliest, George A. “Research on Long-term Effects of Child Abuse.” Family Journal 7 (Apr 1999): 154-163. Galileo. 11 Nov 2001 Conversation with Professor McDonald. (Dec 18. 2009)
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