President George W. Bush

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Enter the 43rd President of the George W. Bush, the son of 41st president George H. Bush. Now this name here will absolutely be looked at in the past regarding his legacy. Other than Barack Obama, this is easily the most notorious talked about president of my generation. It was the election of the year 2000, which was also my first year of voting, that W. as he if affectionately called beat out Al Gore in a controversial presidential election which saw Gore win the popular vote, but Bush win the Electoral College vote after a divisive situation in the state of Florida. Deemed the infamous “Florida Recount” election, this election caused weeks of litigation, and ultimately settled by the Supreme Court, making it one of the most controversial elections in American History; what a way to start a term huh? That lone circumstance can actually be a foreshadowing of things to come amidst his presidency as things got extremely rocky from there. He saw many calamities during his two terms as president like in 2003 when Bush began pursuing the partial privatization of the Social Security System, a contestable and ultimately failed initiative. Also, as tax revenue decreased it moved the government evenhanded budget to a gigantic budget deficit, and in the fall of 2008, the economy caved in as the bubble of housing prices malformed and fiscal institutions began to not make the grade. The stock market crashed, prompting another economic state of affairs that came to be identified as “The Great Recession”, and his magnificence for “the war on terror” would be short lived as these issues became some of his most controversial acts as President. His administration established military tribunals for captured radicals, and permitted a list o... ... middle of paper ... ...he time they signed for that mortgages. Honestly, most homeowners didn’t want to do the work required for Obama’s housing plans, which is why they would be foreclosed. So say what you want about Barry, but he has had a solid two terms in my opinion and the next president will have some mammoth shoes to fill. Oh did I also mention that the Pope made an United States visit while Barry has been in office and Obama will also become the first president to fly to Cuba in God knows how long. So what will these president’s legacies be? Only time will tell, however they have built their cases and we will just have to hang around and see what history holds for them and their stories. Being president is not an trouble-free profession and you take a lot of criticism behind it (Like preaching). To quote an old great saying, “It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it”.
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