Prescription Drug Abuse And Prescription Drugs

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Prescription Drug Abuse in Missouri There is a huge problem happening in Missouri and it needs to be stopped. Missouri continues to rank near the top of the list for drug abuse and prescription drugs are a huge piece of that problem. Prescription drugs are easy to get your hands on because our state doesn’t have a monitoring program. Abusing prescription drugs is using medication without having a prescription for the experience of feeling good. Prescription drugs are harmful if they are abused, just as harmful as any street drugs. When prescriptions drugs are taken that are not prescribed by a doctor it can create additional health problems, addictions, and even death. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the biggest classes of prescription drugs that are abused the most include pain medications, depressants, anxiety and sleep disorder medication. In recent years we see more on the news about narcotics, depressants and stimulants than we do about heroin and cocaine. The illegal selling and abuse of prescription drugs is happening everywhere in our schools, parks, and even the people driving vehicles around us. We need a solution that controls whose using prescription drugs, how often they are using the drugs, where they are filling their prescriptions, and what the drug is being taken for. The public needs to be educated on the dangers and harms of abusing prescription drugs. As a state we need to fix the problem now and have options for helping those with drug addiction and abuse problems. The best way to accomplish that is for the state of Missouri to have a drug-monitoring program so we can stop prescription drug abuse before it happens. Changes need to happen now, and our state government needs to ... ... middle of paper ... ...use, addictions and deaths. Our government needs to make an investment to combat the growing concern of prescription drug abuse by educating kids during school and then provide education to the public. Because many states’ programs appear effective, Missouri has been urged to put one into effect. Among those calling for a change are Missouri medical associations, members of Congress from neighboring states, the White House and even Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, the St. Louis-based manufacturer of oxycodone, the highly abused prescription painkiller. (Hinds) We need to have options for those who are abusing drugs and have an addiction, to get help. Families need the tools to have successful interventions. We need to start cleaning up and fixing this problem as of now the best solution is to move to a state that cares. What is your opinion, are you ready to move?

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