Essay On Negative Effects Of Drugs

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All drugs negatively affect the brain. That is why drugs can make your body feel high, low, slow, or fast, or make the user see things that are not truly there. Some drugs can hurt your brain and affect how you act and how your body feels. These problems might last just a little while, or for the rest of your life. Drug abuse and addiction will often change your brain chemistry (Effects of Drug Abuse). The amount of time the drugs has been abused, will significantly impact the amount of damage done and the harder it will be to go back to “normal” after they have stopped taking the drugs (Drug Abuse Symptoms, Facts, and Statistics). Some drugs will make your moods change quickly. The user might get sad, angry, or scared for no reason or they…show more content…
This statistic is partly because drug abuse and mental health problems affect the same parts of the brain. If someone begins to feel really bad, they might try to make it better by using drugs. Unfortunately, that does not usually work for very long. Instead the person may become addicted to the drugs, and then feel even worse than before. The drug problem can make the initial mental health problem worse than before the user began trying drugs. Someone with both types of problems needs treatment for both in order to get better and live drug free after treatment (Effects of Drug…show more content…
These people die from overdoses, accidents, illness, and other causes. Drug abuse keeps people from having the best lives they can. Drug abuse can hurt your health, your ability to work, and your relationships. Treatment can help an individual’s drug addiction problem if they are dedicated and continue to live drug free after the treatment has ended. But the best protection from the dangers of drugs is to not start in the first place. Parents should explain to their children how taking drugs can hurt their health, their family and friends, and their future. Share with them the endless effects that drugs has on your body and also teach the child how to refuse drugs if there ever comes a time that they are offered drugs, they know how to properly tell the user no.
Drug abuse is a major problem in our society today, however many users are unknown of the physical, emotional and economic problems that come along with addiction. There are many addicts who regret ever trying the drug they are now addicted to. These users never imagined the damage that comes along with addiction and they never thought they would be the ones to become addicted. Many people believe that drug abuse among younger children will only worsen as time goes on, and the only way to stop the horrible habit is to stop it at the
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