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Case Presentation: Precious The movie, Precious (Daniels, et al., 2009), named after its protagonist, tells a story of injustice, abuse, and ultimately resilience. Precious was sexually abused by her father, physically and emotionally abused by her mother, and suffered neglect by both parents (Daniels, et al, 2009). She had two children by her father, one of whom was diagnosed with Down Syndrome (Daniels, et al., 2009). She wasn’t encouraged to be successful in school, but Precious found a way to motivate herself despite this. Personal Comparison with Precious Personally, I cannot imagine growing up in such a hostile environment. My parents did not abuse me, nor did they discourage me from attempting to succeed. I hated high school, and …show more content…

In New York, a minor can obtain mental health services, including counseling and medication management, without the legal guardian’s permission if the parent is deemed detrimental to the minor’s treatment (Feierman, Lieberman, Schissel, Diller, Kim & Chu, 2002). While this agency does prefer to obtain a guardian’s permission for mental health services, this social worker believes in taking a “person first” approach to treatment. Precious reported that she suffered a great deal at the hand of her mother and she did not want her involved in her life. It is not this social worker’s mission to cause Precious more harm, or to allow treatment to be impeded, even if this is an unpopular choice. This social work stands by this decision, because Precious is in desperate need of a safe space to process her trauma. Finally, Precious and this social worker read through the “Informed Consent” document together. This was to ensure that Precious understood her rights and knew what to expect regarding her treatment. Precious reported that she understood what was stated in the document, at which point both she and this social work signed and dated the last

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