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The movie Courageous discusses important issues we face in society today. This movie shows the importance of family, the danger of drugs, and the major importance of Christian values. Courageous causes me to consider how I treat others around me and how I can become a better Christian. I learned that living a life looking out only for myself and pursuing worldly pleasures not only consists of superficial and temporary happiness, but also consists of pain, suffering, emptiness and a longing for something more than what we have. There are many characters who go through changes and have many religious experiences throughout this film. The main characters who experience and go through changes are Nathan, his daughter Jade, Derrick, Adam and his family, Shane, and David. Each of these characters change throughout the movie and learn the importance of a father in the family, and the importance of spending time with our families. Adam, a corporal officer, starts as man who works everyday to catch the ‘villains’ of society, but is not spending enough time with his family, especially his son. He favors his nine year old daughter over his fifteen year old son. Adam views his daughter as a sweet child, and his son as a stubborn teenager who is going through a rebellious stage. However, when his daughter is killed in an accident, his perspective of family changes. In his grief, he states that he wishes he had been a better father. His wife reminds him that he still is a father and he realizes that he still has a chance with his son, Dylan. After his Daughter’s death, he creates a resolution from scriptures that states how he will be a better father. Because of the resolution he creates, he opens up to and spends more time with his son. By th... ... middle of paper ... ... to lie. In doing so, he is rewarded by receiving a promotion at his job. It also shows that faith in God is more important than a person's position. This movie does an amazing job showing the importance of a God filled and God run life. It stresses the importance of faith, of making the right decision, and choosing to honor God, regardless of the consequences and repercussions that could occur. Not only does this movie deal with the issues of society, but it points to biblical scriptures that help lead us in the right direction. The biggest lesson that this film taught me was that if I put my complete faith in God, then no matter what happens, he will provide, watch over, and take care of me. I learned that expressing belief in God is not enough. I have to live everyday believing and trusting him and I have to show my trust and faith through my actions and my words.

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