Examples Of Poverty And The American Dream

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925 words

Poverty Vs. The American Dream

The society that humans exist in faces social problems everyday. Social problems can be unique to one society, or they can be universal. Poverty is a universal problem that is felt, and seen in every society, although what is seen as poverty in one society may not be seen as poverty in another society. You live in poverty when you are poor. Poverty can become a deadly trap to those affected, and leaves them unable to escape.
This history of poverty seems to come without any origin, although for Americans the textbook (THINK by Pearson pg 29) suggest that poverty in america has strongly to due with the great Depression of 1929. This book expresses the significance of mass unemployment during this time. Many …show more content…

It also states that

this plan is not designed for those that have no interest in working. The problem that is brought forth is the lack of employment available to Americans. Simpson suggests that there are no more available jobs until you retire jobs due to the shifting economy. He suggests the likelihood of having multiple jobs in a person 's life. “We are spending nearly $800 billion on almost a hundred programs aimed at fighting poverty, yet the “War on Poverty” has had almost no effect. The solution here is not to stigmatize every elementary student who gets a free lunch. Rather, conservatives should seek to create a vision of America that is filled with hope in the possibilities of future advancement for every American.” (The Federalist by Brandon Smith). When Donald Simpson explained how to end poverty, he strongly suggested the fact that time is the only solution for jobs opening for people. This also means that new jobs have to open up for our changing job economy due to the technological advances. The article “Poor Americans Need Hope Not Stigma” stresses the hopelessness poor americans face throughout their

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that poverty is a universal problem that is felt, and seen in every society.
  • Analyzes how roosevelt's new deal was a revolutionary, wide-reaching plan to save the economy.
  • Analyzes how the book shows that america is no stranger to the effects of poverty, and how to deal with it.
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