Positive Reinforcement

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Positive Reinforcement on Health What is the effect of positive reinforcement on your mental health? Positive reinforcement is considered to be one of the best ways to teach kids something, or emphasize a point. According to google, positive reinforcement is defined as the addition of any reward following a desired behavior. School systems today are using positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement, because kids like the reward that is given after the desired behavior thus resulting in improved learning and better mental health. Positive reinforcement affects Adults and children’s overall health. General health throughout the years has been a widely researched area of study with many different studies conducted. One study that was conducted at health daily stated that the effect of positive …show more content…

Many times when a child gets upset or angry he tends to lash out and can become violent. According to Webster’s dictionary violence is defined as the uses of physical force intended to harm someone or something. Violence is a very extreme form of rebellion from children or even adults. Many times kids become violent when the use of negative reinforcement is in place. Violence itself can be completely gotten rid of with the use of positive reinforcement. In any situation where a child is wrong instead of telling them there wrong and making them upset and irritated, let them self-reflect, and after the self-reflection use positive reinforcement to reinforce that good behavior of self-reflection. According to Doing what works library some of the positive reinforcements that can be used after a desired behavior is exhibited are smiling, giving a special privilege to that child and free time. According to doing what works library all of these will help children understand that the specific behavior that they exhibited was good which will in turn help them show that same behavior in the

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