Importance Of Positive Reinforcement

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In this paper I will be discussing the information I have learned from the article “From Positive Reinforcement to Positive Behaviors”, by Ellen A. Sigler and Shirley Aamidor. The authors stress the importance of positive reinforcement. The belief is that teachers and adults should be rewarding appropriate behaviors and ignoring the inappropriate ones. The authors’ beliefs are expressed by answering the following questions: Why use positive reinforcement?, Are we judging children’s behaviors?, Why do children behave in a certain way?, Do we teach children what to feel?, Does positive reinforcement really work?, and How does positive reinforcement work?. The following work is a summary of "Positive Reinforcement to Positive Behaviors" with my thoughts and reflection of the work in the end. Why use positive reinforcement? Positive reinforcement is a method of presenting to children the appropriate behavior from the inappropriate behaviors. This is done by pointing out the correct behavior and giving some form of encouraging reward. The idea is that all behaviors …show more content…

First, be sure to recognize the difference between reinforcement and punishment. To increase the desired behavior, reinforcement should be used. Punishment is used to decrease unwanted behaviors. Second, when an adult begins to use positive reinforcement and ignoring the inappropriate behavior, some students may begin to exhibit behavior that get worst. This abnormal behavior is referred to as “extinction burst”. The student is acting out in an effort to generate the reinforcement they use to get from the adult. Thirdly, teachers and adults should use positive reinforces that are attainable quickly and easily. Sometimes, food is not accessible and is not appropriate so positive phrases work well. Lastly, inappropriate behaviors should always be ignored, unless they are

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