The Importance Of Positive Reinforcement In Education

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When I was a child my parents would punish and reward me for things I had done. When I was in high school I was expected to get the best grades possible. My parents were always checking to see if my work was done on time and that my grades were to their expectations. I would get small rewards for getting good grades. It was in line with the behaviorism concept of positive reinforcement/punishment and negative reinforcement/punishment. When I would get good grades I would get complements that didn’t seem that sincere. The way they verbalized their praise did not have much enthusiasm. It would make me feel like I didn’t accomplish what they wanted, even though I believed I was doing excellent. However, when I received poor grades the punishments…show more content…
I was taking AP United States History. It was a difficult course for me, because it was college level material being taught. I had never taken a college level course before, so it was an entirely new experience for me. The teacher for my AP United States History course would mostly lecture and give exams after each unit. There were no papers or creative projects that I had grown accustomed to in the non AP classes. I believe my parents saw this as a test for me to see if I could handle a college level course. They were consistently on me about my progress in this course. I really enjoyed the class, and he was a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher, but I always felt nervous and anxious about failing an exam. I struggled on my first exam because I was always thinking about what my parents would do if I failed an exam. I did poorly on the first exam and my parents insisted on a parent-teacher conference. I was so embarrassed to see the teacher with my parents. During the conference I felt like a failure for not passing the first exam. My parents kept pushing my teacher to give me some sort of extra credit to help with my grade. The teacher did not offer any extra credit and did not think I needed it to pass the class, but my parents insisting until he budged and gave me an extra credit assignment. I didn’t like how much they would interfere with my schooling. I just wanted to try and do my best on my own without any interference. The pressure they put on me made me afraid to fail and also made me fear what the consequences would be for failing. As time went on I began to grasp the college level work and passed the rest of my exams. As I improved, my parents still gave me the same bland positive reinforcement they would always give. However, once I passed my AP test at the end of the year, their praise came in floods and it validated my accomplishment in passing this college level class. However I wish the positive
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