Police Brutality: The Police's Minority Bias

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This paper discusses issues on police brutality. This paper examines the relationship between the police and minorities and what factors into the bias of the police. The age, ethnicity, and gender and education of the police officer are seen as factors as to why the police force tend to target minorities. The history of police violence and how the police became militarized is discussed. This paper concludes with strategies and programs to reduce police brutality.


Police brutality is something that people are aware of. Some don’t see it as a problem

while others know that it is a problem. The militarization of the police is what has led to the

targeting minorities and strategies, data and training need to be utilized in order to reduce police

brutality. Police have been known to target minorities, especially the African American

community. There are factors as to why the police are known to target minorities. Some of those

factors are the age, gender, ethnicity and the education level of the police officer. Militarization

of the police is what started police brutality. The police were given weapons and a broad range of

discretion and which led to some abusing their power. Police brutality has been around for a long

time and isn’t going to go anywhere until society decides to do something it. Data, strategies, and

training are some ways to reduce police brutality.

The relationship between the police and minority communities

The relationship between the police and minorities has been strained throughout history.

Police have been known to use force when it comes to dealing with minorities The reason as to

why they use force could be related to the education, age, experience, and ethnicity of...

... middle of paper ...

...cation was the most important factor in this study, the other variables included the officer’s

age and experience. Whether the officer majored in criminal justice or not had no effect on how

many complaints he or she received. Overall, it is better to have an education because it does

help better the officer’s performance.

Militarization of the police lead to excessive police violence

The police officers that we know of today would be seen as an army back in the days of

the founding fathers. Roger Roots argues that the police force today violates the constitution.

Police uniforms are modeled after solider uniforms. SWAT team tactics are used for raids even

though the crime that insinuated the raid posed little threat. More force than necessary is

constantly used all throughout the country to arrest people who are not dangerous and are

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