Poison Case Study Solution

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In this case we are presented with Dr. Marshall Westood who was sitting down for dinner that consisted of pufferfish and rice. Within an hour of eating his meal Dr. Marshall Westwood felt numbness to his lips and tongue, which quickly spread to his face and neck. The symptoms increasingly got worse as he began to feel pain in his stomach and throat that lead to severe vomiting. He was soon after rushed to the hospital. On the way there he experienced difficulty breathing and health care workers had to maintain a patent airway. At this point Dr. Marshal Westwood was experiencing paralysis to the upper body that included the face and the neck. His vital signs showed that he was having an irregular heartbeat. When admitted to the hospital he was given activated charcoal which helped absorbed any remnants of chemicals still present in his stomach. Within a few hours, Dr. Marshall Westwood ‘s symptoms were subsiding and his condition improved. Dr. Marshall Westwood had been a victim of the puffer fish poisoning. This poisoning is due to a type of neurotoxin, tetrodotoxin that is pres...

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