Mississippi History

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The state of Mississippi is a very beautiful state and has a lot of historic facts behind it. A lot of famous people were born and raised in the heart of Mississippi. The food in Mississippi is some of the best in the south, the people have good hospitality and the weather is beautiful. Mississippi is a wonderful place to visit and even better place to live.

Back in the 1500’s the first settlers made the first expedition to Mississippi and they were Native Americans. They were either called Native Americans or Paleo-indians and they appeared in what is called the south today. Archeologist called these people the Mississippians of the Mississippian culture. A man named Hernando de Soto was one of the first Europeans to explore into Mississippi. The French crossed into Mississippi to claim it as their own and for years Mississippi was French territory. The land was purchased by the Chickasaw and Choctaw between 1801 and 1831. In 1900 Mississippi became a one Party government.

The music scene in Mississippi was very popular and is known as the home of blues. The Delta blues i...

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