Pieles de La Garriga Case Study

Pieles de La Garriga Case Study


In the Pieles de La Garriga case study we have to decide whether we are going to accept the offer of Comerpiel and under which conditions. In order to make our decision we have to consider some criteria. The criteria that I identified as the most important are the lack of capacity for the first month if we decide to take the whole order, the profit or loss, the risk that Comerpiel will back out the contract, and the strategic implications of our decision.

None of the alternatives is perfect. So we have to decide which of the criteria are the most important and to choose the alternative that satisfies them the most. For me, the most important criteria are the strategic implications and the maximum profit that we can make. I don't think that the risk is so high and the problem with the capacity can be solved if we pay some overtimes.

So, I chose to accept the whole order of Comerpiel (to produce both the small and the large bands) and to ask for a price 5% higher than the suggested. By choosing a price 5% higher we can earn much more profits and at the same time we reduce he financial risk.


The first thing I am going to do concerning the analysis is to define the problem that we are facing (I consider myself in this case as a partner of Pedro). Basically we have to make a decision. We have to decide if we are going to accept the offer of Comerpiel and the conditions of the agreement. The conditions have to do with the products that we will have to deliver (small bands, large bands or both) and the price of these products.

The next step is to choose the criteria that we are going to take into consideration. In my opinion, the most important criteria are the following (their order does not indicate their importance):

1. Capacity

2. Profit

3. Risk

4. Strategy

I am going to start with the capacity of the machine and the capacity of the rest of the factory. As we know, if we order the machine now (which is the end of August) it will take approximately two weeks to be delivered and start working (without taking into consideration any possible delays). That means that we will have approximately two weeks time to produce the first delivery. That delivery (at the end of September) consists of the 30% of the total amount and if we choose to produce both the small and the large bands it will take us about 18 working days to produce it (if we assume that each day has 8 working hours).

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