Recruitment Process Essay

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RECRUITMENT - “the process of searching candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for the job in the organisation”-Edwin B. Flippo. Recruitment is the process which helps in linking employers and the jobseekers. In short recruitment can be understood as, A process of attracting candidates for a job in an organisation. Whenever there will be vacancy for the job process of recruitment will be executed. “Selection starts where recruitment ends” Selection – “it is the process in which right person is selected for right job at right time at right cost.” RECRUITMENT METHODS/SOURCES- INTERNAL METHODS- It basically involves recruitment within organisation methods or techniques used for that purpose are known as internal methods some of the internal methods are discussed as follows:  Internal advertisement (emails, newsletters, forms)  Word of mouth …show more content…
Those 3 steps are discussed below- REVIEWING APPLICATIONS- In this step, first thing they will see is whether the profile of the candidate matches with the requirements that is being developed for the job or not. For the purpose recruitment officer will have a contact with the applicant. INITIAL MEETING- In the second step, recruitment officer meets the applicant and assess the personality, qualifications and previous experience. He/she will then determine that whether the job matches with the applicant’s aspirations or not and will also evaluate whether the candidate is strong for the position or not. FINAL INTERVIEW- The third and final step is where the recruitment officer decides that candidate fits in profile required or not. If matches then candidate will be invited for the interview with operational managers to know whether he/she is suitable for the job or not. After interview they will make a decision on joint
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