Peter Sawchyn Case Study

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Introduction Peter Sawchyn started Sawchyn guitars back in 1980 and he specialized in custom, handmade mandolins and guitars. When Peter was a teenager, he developed a passion for making guitars all while having no previous training nor desire to make them. During this time, he was able to make his very first guitar on his own. Peter, who is now a 57 year old lifelong entrepreneur, has gained a fair share of experience since his teenager days and is now known by many musicians all over the world. In the case, it explains that Peter also focuses mainly on sound quality and design rather than mass producing like other music businesses. There is no computerized machines to do the work, rather he does it all my ear and designs all his guitars…show more content…
Peter produces all his instruments by hand and doesn’t use machinery to mss produce his products. This makes Sawchyn guitars a very highly sought after business for customers who want a very high quality, customized musical instrument. Although there is a fair but of competition in the music business industry, Peter gains a competitive edge over other producers by creating a unique sound in his instruments. Canada has many known music stores which include L.A Music, and Long and McQuade. Over his years of hand making guitars, Peter has also gained loyal customers. Another strength includes having both national and international customers. With these strengths comes some disadvantages for Sawchyn Guitars. Since Peter makes all his guitars handmade, he is unable to have machinery to create his guitars since each guitar wouldn’t be unique which his customers are fond of. His organization also has a very small number of staff. This is one of the main issues facing Peter and his wife, Kendra. As they are getting older, they both don’t want to work full time, but as Peter is being faced with high demands for his products, he has no other choice but to work full time, seven days a week in order to fill orders. Although he has some help part time, he needs someone who knows how to hand make guitars and mandolins to produce unique sounds. And lastly, Peter doesn’t have enough space to store his guitars. Although they have a new shop, they are still unable to display many
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