Picasso And Pablo Picasso: Changes And Experiences

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Artists may go through different changes and experiences that ultimately prompt them towards new points of view. Consequently, these experiences and changes may result in a need to pursue new approaches. It’s very interesting the fact how artists tend to seek their own interests in order to find their own inspiration. Thus, in their eagerness to depict their works according to what they think. One of those artists who was tired of the same conventional methods was Pablo Picasso. He preferred to leave behind the strict rules and formalities that prevailed by that time and do things his own way. He did not want to keep doing the same old stuff at conventional art schools. Instead, he decided to find his own source of inspiration by constantly inventing new ways of creating art. Throughout time, Picasso underwent different periods such as the blue period, rose period, his break in cubism and classical period. Cubism was the period when he depicted one his most famous and well-known paintings by using oil on canvas, “Les Demoiselles d 'Avignon”. He had been working on this master piece secretly. Also, there were other periods that fostered…show more content…
By changing his style, Picasso was showing his independence and originality as an artist.” Picasso assumed that the appearance of the figures as they are in reality are not as important as the way they feel. The event that set fire to Picasso’s blue period was the dead of his best friend, Casagemas. Picasso was sagged in a deep depression as he says: “It was while thinking of Casagemas that I began painting in blue.” Although this loss was a very hard time for Picasso, it was the beginning of a new art inspiration for him. “For Picasso the Blue Period was also the time when he really discovered his vocation for

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