Piaget Developmental Theory

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Another theorist that can explain Molly’s developmental stage is Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory. Based on her age, Piaget would consider Molly to be in the concrete operations stage, but I would consider her to be in the formal operations stage. While we were playing the game Connect 4, Molly would talk aloud about how if she were to put her piece in one spot then I would be able to put my piece in another spot and win. She was using hypothetical-deductive reasoning to strategize what her next move would be. This kind of abstract thought is not considered to be a part of concrete operations, which is why I believe she has moved on from this stage of her life. Molly shows signs of adolescent egocentrism. From talking to Molly during our time together, she sounded like it would not be possible for me to understand what exactly she is going through in her life. This goes along with the idea of personal fable, which is a portion of adolescent …show more content…

After spending some time with the kids, and especially with Molly, I realize that I may have underestimated these kids. A lot of them understand difficult topics and have a better understanding of the harsh realities in this world. I was not expecting that when I first started at Bel Clare. The kids at Bel Clare range from 1st graders to 7th graders, with the occasional high school kids coming around, but they all seem to get along pretty well. I first expected the older kids to want nothing to do with the younger kids. I saw some of the older kids helping the younger ones when playing the gym games, which was nice to see. The kids definitely look out for one another. In the beginning I was also worried about how the kids would act towards me, but I should not have been worried. Most of the kids were very respectable towards the volunteers and I enjoyed getting to know more about them and their

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