Physical Effects Of Physical And Physical Changes With Ageing

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As a person ages they may experience physical and psychological changes.
One physical aspect may include changes to skin and appearance. As one ages the body becomes weaker and processes take much longer. Breathing and circulation becomes weaker and skin becomes less elastic. Also, muscles become weaker and as it joins with the skin bones become less flexible and thus they become less mobile.
The heart becomes less able and efficient at pumping blood around the body. It happens that it requires more oxygen to do the same work it used to do with less oxygen. With ageing there also is an increased thickness of the arteries causing them to become harder and thus resulting causing high blood pressure. These heart problems may result in the individual taking medication as ordered and these may have their own specific side effects on the body.

Moreover, breathing becomes more difficult as the lungs become less elastic, and are unable to expand fully reducing the amount of oxygen that enters them, this creates shortened breath.

With aging the kidneys are less efficient at filtering and...
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