The Importance Of The Aging Process

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Sometimes the best way to learn is through experience. I have not experienced the aging process. My knowledge of the aging process has only come from what I have observed from the older people in my life and things picked up from various media. However, I have never discussed with someone, who has gone through so much of life, the process of aging and how they have managed it. Mr. Blackman taught me plenty about how to live life as it advances. I also have not had much experience working in group composed of people involved in nursing and social work. While I have experienced working in group, particularly working in a restaurant, this was a unique experience and one from which I have learned. Ultimately, this experience, these SAGE visits, helped to teach me about the importance of having a…show more content…
Blackman taught me about healthy aging, my experience with the team helped me hone my understanding of how to function in a group. When interacting with new people, there is a need for a “feeling out” period. People may not mesh immediately, but people can adapt to one another. The most important thing at the start is to not make a bad impression that could jade perceptions. In our first visit, it felt like all four of us were going for balance in our interactions with Mr. Blackman. Not only did this allow Mr. Blackman more of an opportunity to get a feel for each individual, but also allowed us to get to know each other better. This helped to set the tone for future visits. Even though I was the leader and the second visit, and the two nursing students led the third visit, the responsibilities and actions carried out were balanced between the team members. There was a desire to ensure that everyone was involved and engaged in the visit. I believe that this willingness to get to know each other first, then use that information to help maintain balance in the group, not only allowed us to better function as a group, but also helped to keep a good attitude in the
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