Physical And Physical Dimensions Of Health

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Physical The physical dimension of health includes the factors of diet/nutrition, exercise/fitness levels, immunity and body type/weight. It is also decided by the individual’s lifestyle, habits, attitudes and values towards health and physical activity. One of the factors that can influence the health of the individual is exercise. An individual may research what exercise they should be performing, for how long, what equipment they need and resources they could access. This will allow them to participate in physical activity so they not only can have a healthy lifestyle, but also decrease the chances of disease and illness. This can also affect the community for the purpose that other individuals may be influenced from the individual participating in that aspect of lifestyle, but also in their involvement in sporting groups. This allows the increased participation in exercise throughout the community, thus creating a positive physical health wellbeing in the community. Mental Some of the factors of mental dimension of health are the individual’s state of their mentality, coping with stress, creating a positive self-esteem and to work cooperatively with other individuals. If the individual cannot cope with stress, this may negatively affect their mental and physical health. Some of the negative physical and mental health the individual may develop is depression, heart disease and high blood pressure. This can lead the individuals to disengage in the community by isolating themselves, as well as not attending work or receiving education. Social The social dimension of health refers the holistic factors of: - Possessing adequate communication and skills Ability to communicate throughout the community/peers Ability to have a po... ... middle of paper ... ...rces such as sporting equipment and/or a gym membership. They also may not be able to afford to join sporting groups and hence, do not actively participate in a physical healthy lifestyle. Moreover, some individuals and communities are so economically disadvantaged, they just simply are unable to afford healthy foods. Alternatively, they resort to cheap and easy to access fast-foods such as McDonalds or KFC. This restricts them from participating in a healthy lifestyle and hence, increases the chances of disease and illness. Also, people living in areas of lowest socioeconomic status are more likely to smoke as those living in the highest. This means people brought up in these homes have greater exposure to secondhand smoke and are more likely to take up smoking. Hence, there are some negative aspects of the physical dimension of health in individuals and communities.
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