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Did you know that “one out of three children in the United States is considered overweight”? (Miller). In today’s society, more and more students are gaining excessive weight which can lead to even worse internal problems like heart disease which can drastically shorten their life span. With school budget cuts and limited time available for the class, physical education has slowly become more obsolete in today’s educational requirements. If students cannot get the minimum time needed to burn the extra energy found in today’s foods and drinks, the extra fat adds up, and can create a buildup extra weight. With the rise of obesity, simply learning healthy eating and exercises can lead to a better life style later on in life. If physical education …show more content…

During an interview with a physical education instructor at Wayne Central high school, a question asked was “What positive affects impact students from physical education?” She responded with “Physical education can make students who do not play sports feel successful in a physical setting and the increased blood flow helps keep students mentally prepared” (Baker). The feeling of success in a physical setting can help a student gain confidence that he could get in shape and get to a healthier state. It also increases blood flow to the mind which can give a student more clearer state of mind and may also encourage them to work out more often. Obesity physically affects students and adults from the extra strain on the bones and the organs in the body and the disease can be prevented. A good example of this is said in the quote “Childhood obesity increases the chance of obesity and obesity-related adverse health effects at adult age, since overweight is hard to treat once it is established. Therefore prevention of overweight in early life is important. Previous studies have shown that intervention at an early age gives a high chance of success to both prevention and treatment of overweight or obesity in later life” (Sijtsma, Sauer, Corpeleijn). Obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, skeletal issues and many other life threatening problems that occur when too much weight and strain is pushed onto the body. Heart disease can be a threat later on in life if the student is not active enough. The statement “Importantly, the ability of physical educators of increasing physical activity at vigorous intensity would be essential for preventive purpose not only for obesity

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that physical education should be mandated in schools because of the numerous social and aesthetic benefits and should not be eliminated due to economic factors.
  • Explains that physical education is important for students in many ways like prevention of heart disease, obesity, and stresses of being overweight in school.
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