Physical Abuse and Neglect on Children

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Physical Abuse and Neglect on Children Research has shown the relationship between the types of child abuse. According to some research, it has been stated that there are three major forms of child abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Studies have also demonstrated reliable evidences to support how these forms of child abuse affects children and their adulthood relationship. According to some research performed by some authors, experts who work in the field of child-care are now able to identify and understand the psychological problems that abused victims are likely to develop later in their adulthood stage. Kathryn Hildyard and David Wolfe’s essay on child neglect mentions how child neglect affects children’s health development. Child neglect is known to be the most usual form of child abuse due to the large amount of children that have been neglected or not cared for. Kristen Springer and Jennifer Sheridan’s article on physical and mental health consequences explains how physical abuse affects children emotionally in their early stages of childhood. Kathryn and David’s article explains that the most usual cause of child neglect is the lack of proper care and attention towards the attitudes and the behaviors of the children; this leaves the children careless and makes them put themselves in harm’s way. The authors also stated that children may encounter physical maltreatment when their physical needs are not being met and cared for, and the failure to keep proper observation on the children’s behavior may lead them to be sexually abused. To aid their claims, the authors made a study on the three stages of child development; the adolescence, the infancy and the adult stages. The authors aim is to clear up t... ... middle of paper ... ...ferent approaches. The two essays are very understandable and well developed .hors made their points very easy for the audiences to understand from every point of the arguments. David and Kathryn’s argument has enlightened me on child abuse which makes me believe that their argument is superior and stronger than Kristen and Jennifer’s argument. Their study has presented the problems that can develop when proper care is not being given to children and when they are not being watched closely their parents or guardians. Works Cited Hidyard, Kathryn. L, David A. Wolfe. "Child Maltreatment." Developmental Effects of Child Neglects 26.6-7 (2002): 679-95. Academic Search Elite. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. Springer, Kristen. Jennifer Sheridan. "Child Abuse." Long Term Consequences of Childhood Physical Abuse 31.5 (2007): 517-30. Academic Search Complete. Web 28 Mar. 2013.
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