Philosophy Statement

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Philosophy Statement

I believe that education is the key in developing today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. Education is the basis on which individuals develop their self-concept and the desire to become more knowledgeable. I want to become an educator because I am interested in helping elementary students become active learners and also to assist with their social skills. I believe I can make a difference to many students as they start their educational foundation. I feel that all teachers should possess the desire to devote their hard work and efforts to their students’ educational success. I view teaching as not only one of the most respected careers, but also as one in which the rewards are great and many opportunities to touch the lives of students are provided.

I am a proponent of the educational philosophy of Progressivism. I agree that experience is a very important component of problem solving. I feel that problem solving is a well-desired skill for all children to learn because it will help them throughout their whole lives. I believe that John Dewey’s emphasis on a curriculum that is relevant to real-life is a good approach to teaching. If students can take their knowledge of something learned in class and apply it to any life situation that is a great accomplishment. I think that teachers should strive to adapt lessons that are comparable to incidents in reality because it provides for easier perception of the knowledge being taught. I agree with John Dewey’s theory in that the process of inquiry is an efficient method to use to learn commonsense tasks, or even complicated problems.

I strongly believe that the inquisitive, active learning style involved in teach...

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...elementary levels to ensure that each student’s becomes literate.

I believe that as a teacher I should not overreact at something minor and raise my voice at a student unless they are definitely misbehaving. I believe that it is necessary to intervene in a situation that is inappropriate or harmful. It is mandatory to be in control of the classroom, but it is not right to abuse your power of authority over the students.

I am aware that teaching is a career full of challenges and disappointments, but I think that the positive aspects of teaching definitely outweigh the negative factors. I think that making a positive impact on a child’s educational process is one of the best accomplishments that a person could make. Without a firm educational background in the elementary level, there would not be much hope for further future success.
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