Pharmaceutical Industry and The Manipulation of Clinical Research

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For as long as civilization has existed, humans have been looking for ways to advance in the field of medicine in order to cure illness and elongate the human lifespan. This has led to many positives such as ground-breaking new discoveries, inventions, and vaccines. One aspect of medicine that has grown dramatically in the past decade is the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceuticals are responsible for the manufacturing and the distributing of medicine in the form of drugs. While the drugs main purpose is to help the sick, you cannot say the same for the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately, the pharmaceuticals discovered that the more we advance in the field of medicine, the more money there is for the taking. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that the pharmaceutical industry is worth $300 billion a year, and predicted to rise to $400 billion by next year. Because of their greed for money, the pharmaceutical industry has evolved into one of the more corrupt institutions in America, and rightfully so. They have turned America into a country that is rapidly spiraling down a risky path of addiction and dependency on drugs, and the majority of the blame falls right onto their shoulders. In order to pull ourselves out of this dilemma, America must first learn about the severity of the pharmaceutical industry’s corrupt modus operandi: Using their power and influence not for the purpose of creating cures, but for the purpose of creating lifelong customers to profit from. The most common way that the pharmaceutical industry uses their power and influence to create lifelong customers is in the manipulation of clinical research. When a pharmaceutical company creates a new drug, it must first get the go ahead from the Foo... ... middle of paper ... ...g society doesn’t start with fixing the pharmaceutical industry, it starts by fixing our way of life. The only way to end the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry is to stop depending on it, and that begins with American’s becoming more independent. Hopefully soon America will begin to realize the chokehold of dependency that the pharmaceutical industry has it in. As long as these drug companies are making money, it seems as though nothing will stop them from their corrupt ways. The ugly fact that the pharmaceutical industry is mainly concerned with creating customers in order to gain profit rather than creating actual cures, is one that must be changed as soon as possible, before this country becomes a victim of its own addiction. Hopefully soon America will rise above its obsession with the easy way out, because there is no easy solution to this dilemma.
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