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I Introduction A. My pet peeve is arrogance B. I find it extremely difficult to validate a story being told if the person telling it has never experienced it, or at least studied it. C. Watching the making of I am Cait, a reality show based on transgender women, I am confused by the portrait of a woman as just someone who dresses up nice, curls their hair, and paints their nails because they have nothing better to do. D. Bruce Jenner an American Gold medalist decided at the age of 65 to become a woman, however, the macho man of the 1976 Olympics is very set in his conservative republican male ways, and really cannot grasp what it truly means to be a woman. II Body A. Every single day countless women wake to the screeching sound of an alarm clock. As they rise out of bed they will head directly into the rooms of their sleeping children. Mothers will turn on lights and coax their offspring out of their slumber and nudge them to dress for school, daycare or grandma’s house, than the mothers themselves will rush and dress for work, make breakfast for their babies and corral everyone out the door to make all designated stops on time, her final stop, a job where she will make on an average 20% less than her male co-workers. Some of these…show more content…
In closing I would acknowledge that I may be just a little envious of the transgender women. After all they have more testosterone then biologically born women, and this hormone seems to allow them not only to stay stronger longer, but to retain their figure longer as they seem to have better muscle tone. Transgender women also have a certain advantage over men as they are fully aware how a man thinks, and understand them a little better. Finally, these transgender women seem less likely to get involved in drama or screaming matches as some women tend to do, instead it appears when they are disturbed with a conversation they just excuse themselves, leave the room, or ignore the drama completely, something women could learn

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