Persuasive Essay: Vaccines Save People's Lives

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Jackson Goedert Mr. Munson Period 4 March, 2015 Vaccines save people’s lives Every year in America parents are skipping their child’s vaccination in which causes the children to catch disease that have been exterminated in America for decades. This will create an epidemic in this continues. In America we have vaccines to protect us, but also it affects children in going to school because they must have vaccines for the grade they are going into taken in order to be accepted into the public school. “40% of parents said children who aren’t up to date with vaccines should be excluded in schools” (Patti, Neighmond paragraph 4). There is a rise of children not getting vaccine in school. 2.5% of all kindergartener in America missed at least one…show more content…
This is a main connection to the decline in unvaccinated children. “Using the internet to find medical can be helpful, epically if used to generate questions you can put to your doctor’s instruction. It shouldn’t be used to at the exclusion of medical professional or to become your own medical practitioner” (vaccine your kids, paragraph10). If we’re starting to use the internet for medical information why do we need doctors? Well most people don’t have a degree to be a doctor, so we shouldn’t use the internet without a doctor who can verify that this information is true. If parents are using the internet to decide that their child shouldn’t get any vaccinations then they should consult a doctor to show them that they are only hurting their child because there is no scientific evidence that vaccines are harmful. They go through a long process before being released to the public. About 2.5 percent of kindergarteners weren’t fully vaccinated this is the highest decline since the 1970s (vaccine your kids, para graph 8). With a decline in vaccinations we could see decade old diseases show up because children aren’t vaccinated. The 2.5 percent of kindergartners of unvaccinated children is in correlation with parents using the internet to become their own medical practitioner. If parents keep up with using the internet as a knowledge of medical info we can see…show more content…
Don’t we want to help people infected with this? If we don’t make vaccines mandatory we won’t be able to get the vaccine to the people infected with this disease as fast. “15,000 children at 11 African trail sites half were babies aged 6 to 12 weeks and the other half toddlers aged 5 to 17 months” (First Malaria Vaccine Coming Soon, paragraph 3). With it being tested on babies we can tell it can be safe for children because if it is safe to be tested on babies it can be used on older children. “11 sites, the researchers calculate that the vaccination could prevent 941 cases per 1,000 children in the older age group, and 444 in the babies” (First Malaria Vaccine coming soon, paragraph 5). If we can save children why shouldn’t we take the chance to give them life? Aren’t children supposed to live longer than their

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